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Thread: Major League Baseball All Star game

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    I gave up on professional sports years ago. College, too. It's all about money. The Unions are ridiculous in their demands. It would be great to see MLB, NFL and NBA reorganize, and get players that play for love of the game (that's why I liked going to the farm team games in Laredo - cheap and fun, with players who played, but worked 9-5 jobs outside of baseball season).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kantwin View Post
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    Go for a walk.
    Every morning four miles before 6 am.
    Take up needlepoint.
    Lacks manual dexterity and has poor eyesight.
    Join a bridge club.
    Has been unable to understand the intricacies of the game.
    Write a novel.
    ESL and not very good in Spanish either.
    Finish a jigsaw puzzle.
    The house is littered with failed attempts and she has given up in disgust.
    Churn butter.
    Not cost effective.
    Join CenTexTalk.
    ESL and not very good in Spanish either. Besides, she'd check me on all my postings.
    Wallpaper the bathroom.
    Go skydiving.
    She did that for her sixtieth birthday and plans to do it again for her eightieth.
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