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Cole Goes Along Just to Get Along

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In an article by Anthony Scott on May 3rd in the Killeen Daily Herald titled Killeen Council Declines Outside Investigation Councilman at Large, Larry Cole commented on the situation. He said he thought the idea of an outside investigation was “a dead issue.” However, with the recall petition to be verified soon the issue of the alleged wrongdoing of the City Council is alive and well in the city of Killeen.

Cole also went on to say that “They don’t seem to be interested in pursuing any further.” Why does he use the term "they?" “They” are not some organization that he is not affiliated with. “They” are his fellow council members. He should have some type of influence over them. And even if “they “ are not interested in pursuing it any further, maybe he should remind them that their (and his) constituents have influence in the form of votes.

Finally, and the most concerning statement that he made was, “I’m going to go along with the rest of them.” Going along is the last thing this city needs. This city needs the opposite. This city needs leaders, not followers. This city needs people who can innovate, not conform. This city needs people who will forge new paths, explore new territory and sever ties with special interest groups. No more status quo. No more following. No more catering to the desires of a few but rather listening to the majority. No more going along just to get along Mr. Cole.
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