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Thread: Brickyard Winner...

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    Brickyard Winner...

    The best of the worst is me, with a score of 51

    Taxpayer 57
    gnatsum 58
    Shotgun Jeremy 71
    kantwin 76
    Ludwig 78
    fchafey 79
    Sojourner Truth 90

    That Larson hit on Ty Dillon was brutal.

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    Congrats Rick! That race was insane. There was so much rubbin, I'm still hearing about drivers being upset over incidents I wasn't tracking. There were so many wrecks, I couldn't keep up.

    Glad to see Ty was ok after that hit. Chastain had me cracking up with that interview. Looked like the kid busted with his hand in the cookie jar and lied his butt off through the interview cause he knew NASCAR was watching.

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    It does get hard to pick when so many cars go belly up. Hard to predict if they are going to crash... Or not.

    We have met the enemy and he is us... POGO

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    Congrats Rick! have a good week Sir.

    "The difference between golf and government is that in golf you cant improve your lie"
    John Daly

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    Congratulations, Rick!

    "A boy cannot become a girl and a man cannot become a woman, not even if he shuts his eyes and wishes really hard."

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