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    Jimbo Fisher makes more than Sarkisian, who ranks just below him in salary, .. which makes Jimbo the highest paid in Texas... ...As for coaches salaries,.... Calipari, basketball coach at Kentucky, leads the list at $9,276,643....Fisher is 5th making $7,500,000 a year.. ... Ahead of Fisher, after Calipari, is Saban, Alabama, Meyer(when he was at Ohio State), and Harbaugh, Michigan. I believe Sarkesian ranks just below Swinney, Clemson, and Smart, Georgia.
    Jay Hartzell, President of UT, makes $1.25 million. Chris Del Conte, the UT Athletic Director makes $1.7 million, with more than $18 million guaranteed.

    gnatsum, that Aggie didn't get the UT playbook....
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