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Thread: Krista Voda will not return to NBC

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    Krista Voda will not return to NBC

    November 7, 2020 at 12:26 PM

    Writing on her Facebook page Saturday morning, Krista Voda announced that she will not return to NBC next season.

    "I was told NBC will no longer be utilizing a host for their NASCAR programming, and unfortunately they didn?t envision me fulfilling other roles with the network." she wrote.

    Chad, Clint, and Jimmie. They will all say goodbye to the job they know best this weekend. It?s going to be?

    Posted by Krista Voda on Saturday, November 7, 2020
    How can they cover NASCAR without a host?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOldProgrammer View Post
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    How can they cover NASCAR without a host?

    Wow! Are they being let go, too?....mac
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    Big changes with NBC all the way around. The Golf Channel goes dark 31 December and what ever shows they keep are going to NBCSN. So NASCAR getting rid of hosts and probably some programming isn't surprising either.

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    If NBC is doing all that...can there be changes over at MSNBC too?!?

    Start with sending Rachel Madcow to a new "pasture"...

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    I suspect they have lost a lot of viewers and are cutting costs. Seems there is an easy answer. Focus on a better balance of media coverage with both sides being represented fairly. Too simple.

    currently CBS, NBC, ABC, and other liberal media outlets are fighting for the same viewership.

    TEXAS has a balanced budget.

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