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Thread: 2020-22 6A Allignment Released

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    2020-22 6A Allignment Released

    District 12 6A

    • Belton
    • Bryan
    • Copperas Cove
    • Ellison
    • Harker Heights
    • Killeen
    • Shoemaker
    • Temple

    Waco and Midway have moved to District 11 6A:

    • Cedar Hill
    • Desoto
    • Duncanville
    • Mansfield
    • Mansfield Lake Ridge
    • Waco
    • Midway
    • Waxachie
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    What does that do for football? nothing? save travel in district games?
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    No Midway so that will help our boys chances

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    The only reason Midway was moved was to let other schools have a chance for district championships. There are about 7 coaches dancing in the streets in the district. If you can't beat em make them move.

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