Well, I was fortunate in that when I moved up to the First Sergeants position as and E7P I had the guy I was replacing still in country to mentor me into the position. A lot of my peers said that was a bad thing, but he showed me a lot of neat things to know before I sat in the chair. Personally, I enjoyed being shown the ropes. And it happened again when I got to Hood as the guy I was replacing was still around when I got here and he showed me a lot of the peculiarities of holding the position that are specific to this place. And there were plenty of them. Lot of differences in the position in Hood than there were in Germany.

One of the best things either of them did was to introduce me to and get me to know the folks that supported our unit in things like promotions, orders, supply etc.... When it came time to get a lawnmower, I knew exactly the guy to go to.