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I am almost 71, and I only go out to get stuff we need to eat or survive. Without church being an issue, we really do not have much need to go out except to breathe fresh air or, in my case, to care for the yard.

I had to take my wife to the ER yesterday because she fainted, and fell, cracking her tailbone. She was in a lot of pain. She almost begged me not to take her to an ER from fear of what she may contact there.

And she may have been right. The Seton ER is the closest one to us, so we went there. The guy behind us was passing out due to a "head impact" that someone gave him while at his house (or residence...whatever).. The gut after him had an ankle bracelet on. I was filled with curiosity about all of these "pain" injuries at that time of day, and then my wife asked me what form of health insurance that they had used when checking in. And I thought about what they said at the admittance desk. They never presented any sort of ID card or gave anything other than their names and dates of birth. Both of them said they were "already in the system".

Then I remembered a trip I took to the Metroplex ER years ago, and having someone tell me that an ER is like a pickup place for narcotics for people who do not have any insurance. But now, at least, I understand why a visit to the ER costs $10,000, just for a sit down on a cot and a vague attempt by a nurse or PA to tell you the obvious... You are hurt and in pain... Followed shortly by a prescription for some sort of pain killer. It is a racket, and one that many are relying heavily upon.
So sorry about your wife. I did the same thing in February. Was told there is nothing that can be done, so I just took lots of aspirin. Took about 6 weeks to heal. Last time I went to the ER was for an asthma/bronchitis attack that left me unable to breathe. I walked in and told them exactly what was wrong and what I needed. They listened. That little trip only cost $3,500.00. The time before when I didn't know what it was, I was out of town and so no in network ER. That was $16,000 out of pocket.