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Thread: The Good of The Land Festival 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick View Post
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    Horseshoes work nicely.
    Man....if I could get my hands on that. It'd be reinvented. I'm not knocking it, Mr Rick.

    Horseshoe art needs to be exemplary. Think a twist in each shoe. With extra parts of cut shoes adding to depth.

    There's six shoes. It needs to be seven. Seven complete shoes. Accents using cut shoes don't count.

    That thing needs the Lord's number of 7.

    Again, I'm not knocking it. I see more potential in it.

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    My wife likes it, so I don't care after that.

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    Just a reminder, that if anyone is interested we are doing a "Night of Worship" event at Lifeway fellowship church tonight at 6PM. A good list of tunes meant to lift up the lord and hearts. Please come if you wish to. By Billy Bobs Burgers. (Our pastor laughs and says we are the church by Billy Bobs... people will remember that).

    Hope to see some of you. If you are not members or regular attenders pleas come up and say hi after we get through playing. I'd like to meet some of the people behind the posts.
    We have met the enemy and he is us... POGO

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