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Thread: Digital Ally 400, Kansas Speedway, Kansas City KS, 11 May 2019 - Results

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    Thumbs up Digital Ally 400, Kansas Speedway, Kansas City KS, 11 May 2019 - Results

    Congrats Rick - 22. That's two in three weeks...

    Fred - 24
    Night Owl - 36
    gnatsum - 39
    TOP - 48
    kantwin - 49
    taxpayer - 57
    Ludwig - 62 (Fred's running an All-Star Week special...)

    Next up is the All-Star Race @ Charlotte. Rick is in charge and I'll be back for the 600...

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    Congrats Rick. Isn't Charlotte the "blended" race next week...

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    The "blended" race is later in the season. Think next week is the 'All Star' race for the race winners since the last Showdown, plus a few select others.
    The full oval Charlotte 600 is a week after the Showdown.
    The blended "Roval" is during the Championship thing at the end of the season. My brain seems toi have stiopped working pbirperly...

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