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Thread: Bama and Clemson Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by sojourner truth View Post
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    Now PETA is calling for all sports teams to stop using animal mascots. Fine. I like my steak rare folks. Not a big Texas fan either. As far as the bulldog is concerned, sell him to Copperas Cove where he can really suffer humiliation...
    Put me into the box of not being a Texas fan. Gave them up years ago.

    Any organization that puts animals over humans should be outlawed. PETA being #1 on that list.

    TEXAS has a balanced budget.

    Jesus Saves, even Agnostics.

    Draining the Swamp is a tough job.

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    Bubba and Earl were sittin' in the stands right before the beginning of a Georgia game when UGA, leading the team onto the field stopped abruptly at the 50 yard line and began to lick himself where only male dogs can.
    Bubba says to Earl "Do you see that?"
    Earl replies "Sure Do"
    Bubba says " I wish I could do that"
    Earl replies "Man that dog would bite you...."

    Thank you and may you rest in peace, Lewis Grizzard.....

    "I hit the ball as hard as I can. If I can find it, I hit it again" John Daly

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    Oh dear...
    That reminds me of a joke...
    "Why do male dogs lick themselves?
    Because they can..."

    "Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says." 'Argument Clinic', Monty Python's Flying Circus

  4. LOL fchafey, txswimmer LOL'd at this post
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