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Thread: CCISD TRE Proposal - 8 Sept 2018

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    I would be surprised to see any tax district in the state go a few years without a tax increase unless they had help from a govt bigger than them. So yes, you can always look back at some point and say "see-taxes went up. I told ya so".

    Luckily, they still would require a vote on the issue and I plan on getting just as deep in the facts on that one as I did this measure.

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    That was one of the main complaints about this. Some thought they'd move tax monies to the operations side, receive more from the state, then in a year or two have a large tax increase on the I&S side of the tax base.
    I suppose that's possible. What remains to be seen, though, will the state now increase its share?
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    Everyone has figured out that people have more money since the tax breaks Trump gave us and are out to get their share before it is all dried up.
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