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Thread: When Ya Gotta Go

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night Owl View Post
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    That's not yellow, that's orange.

    Color in the picture doesn't so it justice. Trust me on this one... it was canary yellow as could be. The actual color that PPG called it was something like 68 Corvette competition yellow.

    The pic was taken over 15 years ago, and cameras were not what they are now. That car now belongs to a medically retired Army Captain who is a Shriner and uses it in the Shriners parades and such.

    The Model A was sold to a guy in Nolanville about 2 years ago. ALl I have left now is the Vette and the Sportster...
    We have met the enemy and he is us... POGO

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    Quote Originally Posted by sojourner truth View Post
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    I could watch ST voyager and enjoy it more than once. I hated it when it first came out but seem to have grown to like it. Dr. Who is boring, but better than watching political news shows.

    Planet earth would be good if it did not turn in to the next version of life below zero. Evidently, someone thinks people are fascinated by watching animals kill and eat each other, or Alaskans killing, skinning, and then eating animals as well. We all know that that is what happens to survive, but somehow it does not make for good TV entertainment watching the whole killing, skinning and consuming process from start to finish.

    Top Gear was OK, but when the Brits do it it seems that the Ferarris and Lambos always win the game. It's almost like Chasing Classic Cars where Italian (spaghetti cars) are sold for ungodly amounts. They don't have mechanics, they have doctors.
    2 good shows on this on monday night, Grand Am and one on tuesday night, Bowman Gray.....Bowman Gray is the premium 1/4 mile track in the Nation and the show follows the drivers. This show used to be on 2 maybe 3 years ago too but for some reason went away.......anyway, for me these are 2 really good shows.....mac

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