Regardless of why or how many times we fart, here are some reasons it is good for us.

Bloat Reduction: A build-up of gas in your gut causes bloating which farting releases. If your pants are feeling a little tight, consider cracking a rat.

It Helps to Balance Your Diet: Passing wind can help you to determine whether your diet is balanced since your body will react to different foods in a different manner. Therefore, if youíre eating a lot of red meat, your farts will stink more. If you eat many carbs, youíll fart more but theyíll have a more neutral odor.

Reduce Abdominal Pain
: Holding your gas can cause abdominal pain, also known as intestinal distension. Therefore, letting your gas go will help relieve this pain. If you can let your farts fly, you can gently massage your belly to help the gas flow through your digestive system.

Colon Health
: Holding in gas or trying to manipulate the way it is released can harm your colon and inflame your hemorrhoids. Those who have problems with their colon are told not to keep their farts in. Therefore, itís best to just pass gas naturally when you need to.

Smelling Your Farts is Healthy: Though no one will admit it, everyone likes the smell of their own farts. Other peopleísÖ not so much. Maybe this is because we instinctually know that itís good for us. This is because the hydrogen sulfide produced in our intestines during digestion may prevent mitochondrial damage to our cells. This prevents strokes, heart disease, and arthritis.

Determine Food Allergies: Flatulence can determine whether or not we have certain food allergies like lactose intolerance and Celiac Disease. This is because you will pass a lot of extra gas after consuming them. If this occurs and you suspect you might have an allergy, you should see your doctor.

Itís Pleasurable: Farting feels fantastic. If thatís not a good enough reason to pass windÖ I donít know what is. Besides, trying to hold it in can make us cranky and no one needs another reason to be cranky.

If youíre still ashamed of how much gas you pass, you can try the following: Make sure you donít have any conditions that require medical attention eat slowly avoid carbonated drinks and artificial sweeteners get more exercise

Otherwise, just get more comfortable with being a human being. After all, we should be thankful for having a healthy digestive system.