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Thread: Fewer Guns, More Offenders

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    Fewer Guns, More Offenders

    Killeen nabs yet another dubious distinction!
    AUSTIN, Texas -( Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas, now holds two dubious state rankings—the most restrictive campus carry policies adopted by any public college and the second-highest number of registered sex offenders enrolled in any college, public or private.
    In January, Students for Concealed Carry reported that CTC has adopted not only the University of Texas at Austin's dubious gun-free-offices policy but also UT-Austin's proposed empty-chamber policy, which the UT System regents struck down after experts warned that the policy would increase the risk of an accidental or negligent discharge on campus.
    An April 5 report from the Houston Chronicle reveals that CTC also has the second-highest number of registered sex offenders enrolled as students.
    Allison Peregory, Texas legislative director for SCC, commented, “When one student out of every thousand at your institution is a registered sex offender, disarming the students and faculty who don't have criminal records shouldn't be your top priority.”

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    Haven't seen the KDH this week (I'm out on assignment)--have they "caught up" with the Houston Chronicle, or is the KDH sitting on the story, for fear of upsetting some local member of the Board of Regents?

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