Went up to Colorado this weekend. The wife's cousin's son is getting married, and we needed an excuse to get away. He is deploying soon and wants to marry. Understand that. They live suburb of Pueblo, both teachers, nice place very rural. Stopped at a place in Trinidad, just south of Pueblo called 420 (had to the wife and I got married 4-20-83, way before 420 had "that" connotation). No, it isn't a clock shop. Hard to get parking at 4pm Saturday with all of the Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma plates in that town. Hotels were full and restaurants were thriving on a not so special mid month weekend in January. I had heard the money Colorado was reaping in taxes from legalized weed was astronomical and now I see why. Same rules apply in public with weed as alcohol, no open container, no open weed smoking, only smoking in designated places and it seems to work. Was talking to the relatives and they said at first, when legalized it was a bit of a craze, then died down and people live with it like any other normal change. Also asked him about increase in DWI as opposed to DWS (driving while stoned), no data yet as things are new, but driving while impaired has always been on the books regardless of the cause. Texas already had the Compassionate Use Program (CUP) signed into law in June 15, but it is very restrictive and there are currently 5 bills in the house to move toward easing the restrictions and getting medical marijuana passed. Texas could be a much richer state letting casinos and legalizing weed. Though I cannot partake in this kind of recreation due to current employment restrictions it will certainly be nice to retire one day and maybe, I wont have to drive 11 hours one way. I could fly there and never leave the back yard.