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Thread: Garage Door opener and LED lights

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    Garage Door opener and LED lights

    I get a phone call from the wife stating the garage door opener in her car and mine no longer open the door but the the garage pad and outside pad work just fine. I ask her do they open the kids house? yes. Sit and think for a minute if she did anything to the opener lately. After the obligatory why do always think it's me, that breaks things statements, she say all I did was replace the light bulb. Aha!, gee dear did you put an LED in it? of course I did you dolt, I want it to last. I tell her remember how when you turn on the living room overhead light the Bose remote doesnt work because they are led's and the frequency of the lights jams it? Well we now have learned that putting LED lights in one's garage door opener (Chamberlain) will cause the opener in one's car to not work. Just thought I would share. It is always somethign when I am gone.

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    The offending part is a "Buck/Boost type IC circuit which is essentially a tuned oscillator containing a coil and capacitor.

    It will interfere with a wide variety of devices and you are correct, it acts like a mini jammer.

    I have an HD antenna mounted in my attic and when I flip on the LED in the attic it blocks KCEN and KXXV.

    In defense of LED, it runs very cool and super low wattage.

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    Just to be sure replace the bulb with a standard incandescent bulb.
    I have a Chamberlain unit and had a problem a while back. Just pushing
    the reset button on the unit fixed it.
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    I put LED's in mine yesterday (the cheapies from Lowe's) and no problems. All three remotes opened and closed the door.

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