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Thread: Semester averaging in gradebook

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbh View Post
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    (I'll repeat myself from the last several years that we have had this program.........I'll never understand computer gradebook software that doesn't figure final semester grades automatically.)
    Let me respond for Fiona...

    Response: SunGard is working on redesigning the functionality...

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    We are working up more detailed documentation for a wide audience as the original information did not get to all or was not clear enough. The documentation will be reposted shortly. In a nutshell, until the secondary campus notifies Tech Services that they are ready for grades processing and credit assignment (Jan 7 4pm or earlier) then each teacher has the ability to enter the semester exam in the Report card and then view the semester average on the scores (averages) screen. The semester exam will not display there but the average does take it into account. Also note that you do not need to load 2nd MP to RC in order to enter the semester exam or view the semester average in the grade book. Also note that the semester average will not be in the report card even through you can see it in your grade book. The semester exam in the report card is actually calculated by Tech Services when the campus reports that all grades are loaded and ready for processing. Does this explanation help?

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    I just tested it out...I loaded my RC grades, and checked the average. Then I put in a fake exam grade and checked the average again. It works. It is weird that it doesn't SHOW even though it does work...but at least it works!

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