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Thread: Need to log out and in

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    Need to log out and in

    I have several combined classes this year. (TAG and AP in same class)
    This means they have separate rosters but there is the option to view and enter grades under the combined link. (I hope you know what I mean?)
    Basically on my home page it looks like I have three classes for every one class. (Scary long list of classes on my home screen! Three classes=one class)

    My problem this year is this: When I am grading and go from one class to another, and want to re-enter one of those combined classes, it just redirects to the home page. I have to log out, close browser, and log back in. Every time. This didn't ever happen last year.

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    We have opened a case with Sungard to have this work as we'd expect to see if work but in the meantime, you do not need to log out and back in. The below steps should work for you without relogging.

    Use the dropdown to select Current MP and the multiple link will work fine.

    Give this a try and let me know how it works for you.

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