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Christian Patriots - The Truth

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I took what was written in Wikipedia, and ran it through my Truth Translator (TM )
to produce the following understanding of what the Christian Patriot really is.

The Christian Patriot Movement is a right wing movement of American political commentators and activists. They promote the true history of the United States, and point out the fact that the federal government has turned against the ideas of liberty and natural rights as expressed throughout the American Revolution, and against America's Christian heritage.


The movement gained strength in the late 1980s' as a branch of the Posse Comitatus group, a militant far-right organization. The Posse Comitatus followed an ideology based on the teachings of its founder William Potter Gale, who was also a Christian Identity minister.

Those who seek to smear the Christian Patriot movement slander its members by saying they still adhere to Christian Identity's white supremacist views,and seeking out miscreants to base their slander on.

Christian Patriots ideology holds the view that state and federal governments have fallen victim to the natural tendency to concentrate more and more power in governments, and this progressively deprives Americans of their rights as citizens. It also holds the view that English Common Law and Jurisprudence underpins the Constitution, and that the Federalist papers and some Anti-federalist papers can be useful in interpreting the Constitution.


The movement grew during the 1990s after the unlawful acts that took place during the Ruby Ridge and Waco Sieges confirmed the suspicions of Christian Patriots. The movement maintained loose ties with the militia movement of the same period. A highly publicized federal confrontation with Christian Patriots occurred in 1996, when Federal marshals arrested the Montana Freemen.The result was that the arrests were much less violent, than at Ruby Ridge, where a government sniper murdered two people without cause, and was never prosecuted because the government gave him immunity.

In 2009 The Southern Poverty Law Center, a known Radical Leftist hate group, said that militia groups may be experiencing a "Patriot revival." Well even a hate group such as them can be right from time to time.
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