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Liberalism Is a Mental Illness

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Draft Posting - will flesh this out later.

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Here are a series of articles that illustrate.

This article shows that "liberal" and "conservative" in the next link are reversed.
In evaluation of the subject matter, it is obvious to me that the reversal was intended to deceive.

This is a later study, and while it is godless (amoral, not immoral) in nature, the terms are applied correctly.

The researcher does draw some erroneous conclusions, however.
By their conclusions, those who have an irrational fear of guns and are otherwise traumatized by the idea that law abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves, those people are free of anxiety.

Yeah, right.

And finally, this paper spells out the damage liberal thinking can cause:
( however, it isn't the paper I read many years ago, that included brain scans and glucose uptake imagery, though it links to what may be a discussion of that study)
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