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The Days are Getting Short

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Some of those on this forum, those who have been paying attention, know that I have been working on a Five Year Plan. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Trump is, I believe, our Josiah. Josiah was a good king in Judea. He pushed back against the forces of evil that were overtaking his country at that time, and they had relative peace for several years. After him, however, there were three kings, each one of them corrupt, and then the kingdom was destroyed.

For those who are not well acquainted with those times of Judea, the following articles are fairly well written and not too difficult.
Josiah, the Good King
After Josiah, the Scepter of God's power passed to Nebuchadrezzar.
Judea under foreign authority (similar to the U.N.)
Judea is Crushed

Who knows how many years we have left, but after Trump, but, it won't be too many years before Christians and other Patriots are hunted down and either incarcerated or killed, unless one of our foreign enemies nukes us first. My only hope is that the Patriots are prepared to fight, and that more people turn to Christ, even as persecution arises in the U.S.

Not long before someone pointed me to CTT, there was the election of Nov 2006. A day or two after the election, someone asked me what I thought the out come meant. I told them it meant that Americans were tired of being prosperous and free, and had chosen to become impoverished and enslaved. I still see it that way. But Rome did not burn in a single day, either. There may still be a few good years left. Remember Judea had three more Kings after Josiah, before Jerusalem was destroyed.

I have been on various forums for over 25 years, and on CTT for just over 10 years. I still think it is the best forum around for lively debate and getting at the truth of matters.

But in the next dozen months, I will have to begin a new phase of getting ready for the end. Both, this country's end, and my own. In the past couple of years, I have been given repeated stark reminders that most people approach their 80's in complete denial that they will shortly have to meet their maker.

As illustration:

I "closed" on this house almost exactly one year ago, and moved up here in March. But before I found this one, I looked at several that had been great houses, but their owners had gotten old and unable to take care of their property any more. Ultimately, they moved "temporarily" to somewhere a doctor could look after them until they got better. And then they died. The property, idle (and, invariably, with the utilities turned off) for months in the subtropical climate here, deteriorated dramatically, and I passed up what would have been good properties, two years before they went up for sale.


So, don't be surprised if I am not as active on here as I was in the past, my energy is limited by disabilities I already have, and The Lord is making it clear that I still have a lot left to do. If I am not on here, rest assured, I am just busy doing stuff The Lord is sending my way.

BTW: I will put an email address where I can be reached on Conservative Corner.
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