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Steps along the path towards ignoring liberals

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I wrote this post a few months ago, but never quite finished or published it,
so here it is now. Kinda choppy in its presentation.
(And, BTW, for those stuck on the classical definition of liberal,
just substitute "useful idiot of leftist ideology seeking to destroy
the greatness that the U.S. has always stood for.")

While looking for this post:
I will agree that the schools are complicit in the socialist,
hedonist, and Islamist brainwashing of our kids.

I don't let the politicians or the press play me like a puppet,
but I do learn along the way, how the other side thinks and acts.

And I have learned that playing nice, or fair, or any other word
similar to those merely stops the slide into oblivion until our
enemies can regroup and begin shoving us off the edge again.

It is time to be ruthless with them.
I found a few others along the way.

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About 60 million Americans looked at Hillary, knew her crimes, perversions, volatile temperament and physical incapacity and said, “sure, why not?”
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24 Feb 2017 Everything a liberal touches turns to crap, like Canadian Medical System

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