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Liberals don't want to hear the truth

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Just to point out that liberals don't want to hear the truth.
I'll flesh this out later, as I have been banned before, from posting to libtard news forums.
Washington (AFP) - The Internet was supposed to facilitate better exchange between the public and news media. But vile and hateful comments changed all that.

In the face of rising vitriol -- attacks, bigotry and general nastiness -- news organizations are increasingly throwing in the towel on online comments.

Last month, Vice Media's Motherboard news site turned off reader comments, saying "the scorched earth nature of comments sections just stifles real conversation."

It instead began taking "letters to the editor" to be screened by staff.

Vox Media's online news site The Verge said in July it was "turning off comments for a bit," noting that the tone was "getting a little too aggressive and negative."
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  1. Shotgun Jeremy's Avatar
    They better not go look on the Moms Demand Action page then...they'd be horrified.
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  2. txswimmer's Avatar
    Both the right and the left become highly indignant over comments which contradict their views. I don't know which side is worse about trying to quash alternative views. What is maddening is the fake shock both sides express over the ither's actions. Face it, civil discourse is almost dead. I would say dead, but there are a few left who can debate issues with passion and vigor, but not hatred and bigotry.
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  3. gnatsum's Avatar
    I noticed that's newspage removed the ability to comment last year.

    Made sense. If something bad happened, the Libs would blame Trump and the Conservatives would blame Obama. If something good happened, each side would then declare that it was only temporary, and that bad things were be back.
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