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Security Levels, in Downunderspeak

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I think for the rest of the year and 2015, I will mention security levels worded in the Downunderspeak system.

1. “No worries”

2. “She’ll be alright, Mate”

3. “Crikey!”

4. “I think we’ll need to cancel the Barbie this weekend”,

5. “The Barbie is cancelled”

It should be noted, “The Barbie is canceled” has not been reached in over 10 years.

History of Levels:

28 Jan Well, it seems the forces of evil were not ready to strike when we were battling
the winter storms, so the threat level has returned to “She’ll be alright, Mate”

22 Jan 2016, in light of the winter storms all across the East side of the country, and the vulnerability
they create, in light of the possibility of attacks on our power grid, I will be leaving the threat level
at Crikey! for at least a few more days.

8 Jan 2016 Level Raised to Crikey!
In light of the Nuclear Test the Koreans just executed, the ballistic missiles the Iranians tested, and
the tension between them and Saudi Arabia, I am raising the Terror threat level. As I told my wife
when someone does a cannon ball into a swimming pool, people all around get wet.

15 July 2015
I should have ramped up the level in
mid June 2015 at the beginning of Ramadan
Level should have been set to “Crikey!” and I will leave the level there for another week,
before lowering it back down to “She’ll be alright, Mate” if nothing further happens.

9th of Feb 2015
"Does it pose a threat to the order in the Middle East and the borders and the whole system in the Middle East?
Absolutely. But is it the biggest threat to the homeland right now? No.
I am inclined to leave the threat level at “She’ll be alright, Mate

_3 Jan 2015
Well, Congress is going to be seated in a couple days, and ISIS is still focused, as far as I can tell, on Libya.
I can't find any mention of any activity in the US, so, that means the heat should be off us for a while longer.
Except for the occasional "Lone Wolf," of course. My view of security level remains at "She'll be alright, Mate"

After Election
I am backing off the threat level (see Nov 25 blog entry) from "Crikey!" back to "She'll be alright, Mate" for a while.

Before the election
Remember, after the election, the terror threat level is raised
from “She’ll be alright, Mate.” to “Crikey!”
(Advanced intel for this comes from our own FIBof course they scrubbed it to remove any truth)

Ebola alert
If there are any cases resulting from these two nurses, we should raise the alert to "Crikey"
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