Exclusive homes in Killeen

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Glad I don't live in the doughnut hole. Man-o-man were those poor folks ever screwed over. They got involuntary annexed, their property taxes went through the roof and they didn't get squat for it. It should be against the law for cities to be able to do that kind of thing to people. I hope everyone in that dough nut hole runs for city council and zones the areas where the city councilmen live who annexed them and find a way to pay those #$%!@!! back.

I'm sorry but involuntary annexation really makes me mad. It's un-American on its face. I don't know how any politician can call himself or herself a patriot and do something like that. That is classic taxation without representation. The only folks who don't get a vote are the ones who are involuntarily annexed and have their taxes increased dramatically and immediately, even though their services can be delayed for years and they can be charged huge amount of money to be put on city sewer and water, and then have to pay twice as much for it as they did before.

Involuntary annexation is a rotten legal scam. It's truly a greedy unAmerican land grab. Involuntary annexation should be outlawed unless the land owners are grandfathered from having to pay any city taxes - ever. If they sell their home, that could not be transfered to new home buyers. That's the only fair way to do it.

Any member of a city council who votes for involuntary annexation with out that provision should never be reelected no matter what else he or she does in office. You just can NOT be a good representative, and probly not all that good of a person either, to do something that awful. It's deliberately hurting good people financially and giving them no vote or representation in the matter. Nobody on the city council represents these involuntarily annex people's interests. They get a voice without representation or a vote for the very council that is doing this to them. The tax increase can cripple them financially and ruin their quality of life. They might even have to lose their homes.

Dear God, it's just awful that they can get away with doing that to good people. How can anything be more unfair? How can something like this happen in America? All local citizens should care much more when thier neighbors are treated this way. Just because it's not happening to you is no excuse. Be a patriot and a good neighbor. Vote against city council members who do this sort of thing. Your neighbors rely on you because they don't get a vote on what effects them only. Only they have to pay the price for involuntary annexation and it's a huge price at that.
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