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    Your 2019 Cleveland Indians Thread

    Texas beat the Indians 4-2 this afternoon to split the series.

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    Iran Mod

    I don't think it was 34000 feet but 34 kilometers from land, which puts it in international waters. Still that thing was probably above 25K feet...….

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    Night Owl

    June 23 Toyota/Save Mart 350 Sonoma Raceway

    Truex Jr

    Kyle Busch

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    Night Owl

    Pay Raise 2019

    The Feds should get out of our children's education. Local communities should have more control of what our children are taught. Since the Department

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    Iran Mod

    A Global Hawk at 34,000 feet. Got to wonder what kind of missile can do that.
    I suspect an S-300, but not sure.
    On tangential note: ABC

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