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  1. Xtra Thin X-perience Blog:1

    I'm not one of those little ladies that would like to lose 5 pounds just so they can look "better" in their bikinis. I'm one of those large ladies that need to lose A LOT of weight in order to become more healthy, and yes (of course) to feel better about myself.

    I've heard great things and I've seen awesome results with friends using Xtra Thin, so I decided to try it for myself. My first day on the drops was Sunday, Jan 16. Both Sunday and Monday were wonderful. Because of ...

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  2. Are Chinese Mothers Superior?

    Read this article.

    I've read Amy Chua's book, World on Fire, and I detected a note of Chinese chauvinism there too, suggesting that the reason native Singaporeans and Indonesians hate Chinese is because of their aggressive success.
  3. Energy Alternatives

    Are there really viable energy alternatives to fossil or nuclear?

    The question really should be posed this way:

    Is there an energy generation technology that can be produced using only energy generated from that tech? Solar, for example. For it to be fully self-sustaining, it must be able to power the machines that mine the raw materials, power the plants that make the mining machines, cook the food the workers eat, power the machines that make the workers' clothes, power ...
  4. Exclusive homes in Killeen

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    Glad I don't live in the doughnut hole. Man-o-man were those poor folks ever screwed over. They got involuntary annexed, their property taxes went through the roof and they didn't get squat for it. It should be against the law for cities to be able to do that kind of thing to people. I hope everyone in that dough nut hole runs for city council and zones the areas where the city councilmen live who annexed them and find a way to pay those #$%!@!! back.

    I'm sorry but involuntary annexation
  5. Sandwich (NOT including burgers, dogs, sausage or bratwurst)

    What is your favorite sandwich?

    Mine is fresh German brotchen with that "aufschnit" variety German lunchmeat with mozzarella cheese and a good mustard, pickle on the side. Yum!
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