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  1. How they voted July 2013 Debt Limit

    by , October 18th, 2013 at 9:14 AM (The Central Texas Corinthian)
    The Fight against Obamacare,
    And the Debtor Nation Mentality
    Here’s the short list of Senators who voted NOT to end this round:

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  2. UnSafe Communities through Incremental Gun Control

    The push is on to begin the incremental movement towards confiscation of our Constitutional Rights.

    Status and Summary of S.649
    We have proposed bill text. This is not the final version that would be implemented, rather just a text to be voted on to go forward and be worked on. So more devilish details can/might be added in the future

    Looks to me as if they are trying to outlaw all private sales:
    (4) by inserting after

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  3. Articles I have written about Guns and Ammo

    I wrote a short series about Guns and Ammo on my other blog, and am cross posting it here in case anyone wants to find them. They are very intro level basic about getting your first gun, or first gun in a long time. They are not all inclusive, but cover a variety of questions a potential first time gun owner may ask.
    As I stated in one of them: "These article are all about the minimalist gun in the home. "

    Article 1 Choosing a Gun.
    Article 2 About Ammunition. ...

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  4. Our Representation in Austin

    by , February 4th, 2013 at 4:05 PM (The Central Texas Corinthian)
    Occupation: Businessman, investor
    Experience: Texas House, 1987 - 1992; Texas Senate Member, 1997 - present
    Party: Republican

    Troy Fraser was elected in 1996 to serve Senate District 24, a 17-county region that is located in the geographic center of Texas.

    District 24 comprises the following counties: Bandera, Bell, Blanco, Brown, Burnet, Callahan, Comanche, Coryell, Gillespie, ...
  5. How they voted on the Fiscal Cliff

    by , January 26th, 2013 at 7:36 AM (The Central Texas Corinthian)
    Well, I finally got around to looking at who voted which way.
    For those wishing to look it up, the fiscal cliff deal that gave us more massive overspending
    these next few months was H.R.8,

    Looking at
    Carter, Georgetown, East Killeen and Belton voted no.
    Flores, Waco and College Station voted no.
    Roger Williams, Lampasas, Gatesville and Cove district 25 not seated yet.

    Find House Votes Here: ...

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