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  1. Texas Immigrant's Avatar
    Yes, it's the HCG drops. They were running a special when I went in, so you would want to go in and talk with them. It's a lot less expensive than the shots.
  2. pigsister's Avatar
    Would you mind if I ask how expensive it is? Is this like the HCG drops?
  3. Texas Immigrant's Avatar
    I've been on it for almost four weeks and I've dropped 23 pounds. I'm feeling great and people are noticing! I've had a few moments of sliding off the plan, but I get back up and keep on truckin'.
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  4. MrsPacMan's Avatar
    How is it going? I am very interested and don't know anyone personally that has done this. Have you been able to stick it out?
  5. cnjbond's Avatar
    Only advice I would give is to make sure you're doing some sort of exercise along with the dieting (not sure if you were or not), good luck and I hope you reach your goals!
  6. xzochye's Avatar
    I have read about Stevia but really don't know what it is. Is it the same thing as Splenda? Also, did you know that you can eat all the sugar free Jello that you want? May come in handy for the munchies!
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  7. Rick's Avatar
    TI, don't worry about others. If someone doesn't want to read this, they can just not click on it.

    Good luck.
  8. Texas Immigrant's Avatar
    Thank you. Maybe we could get a CTT Biggest Loser thing going.
  9. Brian McCall's Avatar
    I'm trying to lose weight myself. Good luck with this!