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March 26th, 2010, 1:38 PM
I am putting this section up in order for you, parents, teachers, students, group sponsors, etc to advertise your fund raising efforts here on CenTexTalk.com.

Feel free to post your events here and if someone is interested, they can contact you.

I understand the need for anonymity, so if you are, for example, the volleyball coach and you have been posting opinions throughout the board, you may not want to be identified by your group's affiliation. So if you want to remain anonymous and wish to create a new/additional username for posting in this section only, I will allow that.

You can also send your information to me or one of the moderators and we can post it for you.

This is not a place for negative comments, or discussion about school fund-raising. If any are put in here, they will be deleted.

Let's give this a try!